There are no soldiers
In your army of shadows
Cowards all they hide
In dark corners
Nothing but notions
Just rank and file figments
Fucked of all emotions
Void of all pigments

Phantoms as whispers
Of facts you can’t prove
Jump off the pages
As triggers are pulled
Lost in delusions
And the grandeur of you
A cup of contentment
That’s always half full

With a plagerist lust
You just steal some ideas
Brainless you count
On their words as balloons
Shouting out nonsense
That nobody hears
Manic depressive
You bark at the moon

While the battle continues
You feed on the dead
Hunger as windows
You never see through
Alone on your phone
Nothing moves in your head
Except for the shadow
You’re turning into

Needy as flypaper
Breeding neglect
Follows stick mindless
And know you’re a liar
Shadows are useless
They never protect
Minds that are fractured
And falsely inspired

Keeps you in trenches
So fearful
Fighting with conscience
Back to your corner
With no legs to stand on
Waiting for praises
From friends you’ve

Desperate you’re drawing
Red lines in your arms
The war rages backwards
By razers are born
You cross them again
As your shadows advance
Appearing as comfort
They’re cut never torn

But where there is pain
There is life so they say
Dark expectations
March through your mind’s eye
Whitewashed and polished
As ghost of fine porcelain
Cracked and worthless
Hovering above

Soldiers of fortune
Or spirits of mischief
Memories hidden
In clay pot realities
Shadows do battle
While answers prove useless
Questions abound
When your mind
Is a mystery

Dreams in broken vessels
Fields of scatterred bodies
The battle lines stretch endless
Escaping now and then
To give rare glimpses often
Of the namesake of your envy
And futures you’re denying
While you’re lying
With your pen

TM DiSarro

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