Falling into muddy waters
Sinking deeper into silt
Slowly we succumb to failure
Brought about by years of guilt
Cannot feel the warmth of sunshine
Recollections sting the eyes
Every lie becomes a dark line
We must cross to azure skies
Will you choose to drown in sorrow
Brought about by someone else
Life is lost inside tomorrow
Feeling sorry for yourself
Is there hope beyond this sadness
Once you choose to raise your head
Step outside the muddy waters
Bury past mistakes as dead
Guilt will always hold us captive
Keep us from the things we love
Hurt the ones we care the most for
Never let us rise above
To that stream of sweet releasing
Where the waters run so clear
Washed in all of heaven’s blessings
Far beyond the thing’s we fear
Healing as the sunlight beckons
Erasing lines you fear to cross
Step into the new day calling
Taking back the life you’ve lost

TM DiSarro

©2020 TM DiSarro/MindScapes Publishing

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