You dwell as fire
Under my skin
The heat of which
Surrounds my heart
An itch that I
Can never scratch
As long as we
Remain apart

I feel you through
My day to day
And endless nights
Of restless dreams
As written verse
And words I pray
To push my longings
To extremes

You send me songs
To ease my mind
And share the darkness
That you hide
To show me just
How much you care
While keeping what
You feel inside

But who am I
To judge your mind
The fact that you
Are still attached
To someone you
Don’t truly love
An itch that you
No longer scratch

And so you search
Outside your cage
Like hunger for
A crust of bread
To feed a need
To fill your page
With dreams that itch
Inside your head

I scratch your thoughts
And you scratch mine
With tender rhymes
And things we say
Some fantasies
Disguised as facts
Some reasons that
We chase away

We wish for life
A certain way
But certainty’s
A mystery
For all we have
Is here today
And what will be
Will surely be

For time will lead us
On to where
Our love will grow
Or be denied
A bond that we’ll
Forever share
Where all our needs
Are satisfied

TM DiSarro

©2020 TM DiSarro/MindScapes Publishing

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