Waking to your words
Startled by the sound

Frosted windowpanes
Crystal frozen rain

Watching as you sleep
So deep
Dreaming with the dawn

Speaking someone’s name
Not mine
What we have is gone

Alone I see the moon
As if a face inside a glass
Crescent smile smirking back
As mischief from the past

The winter’s cold unfolds
As if a blanket you have made
Wrapped inside these icy threads
This bed where we once laid

Nothing like the warmth of love
Once nurtured on the go
Asking why December skies
Still rain
Then turn to snow

Alone I see the sun inside
The clouds that hold my pain
Tells me of the gray that weighs
So heavy with your name

To cover all our sins in white
So blessed with cold intent
Reflections bend the rules of light
To see how life is spent

Sunshine braves the day
For me
As truth behind my eyes

Wonderland of white
As if
I’m locked within a dream

You remain asleep
Assured that I must leave

Whisper out the door
No note
No more lies to believe

Alone I see a world unbound
A pathway yet to be revealed
Spins my twisted thoughts around
So I may find the strength to feel

What dreams may come
Walking away
These seasons change
Like restless minds
As morning melts
Into the day
I leave this
Part of me

TM DiSarro

©2020 TM DiSarro/MindScapes Publishing

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