Between two worlds we waste away
Walking in a mist of gray
Sleep exists as thoughts
Drifting back and forth
Until you remember
To forget again
Can we pretend?
Not we, but me
Your leaving was a joke
A laugh you had to drive me mad
As all our hope
Ascends in smoke
Funeral pyres
Flaming liars
Burned desires
Hearts of fire
Torch the hurt we have acquired
Inhale and let it flow so slow
To rise as ghosts above our heads
Become as fog
A mist of gray
So easy how you say it was
So reckless how we cast off love
As bread in water
Waste to worms
Letters never to return
Parting sorrows death confirms
What I knew or what you knew
Or did we yet?  Regrets! Regrets!
How easily we soon forget
How every knot so tight unfurls
Here inside this netherworld
Between the dark and light
I dwell with spells
Or incantations writ
We spit our poems
Into the wind
Accept the rhymes
We can’t rescind
Of dark intentions
Focal points of vain attentions
Not to mention
I was you in another life
You my husband
I your wife
The life you stole
With sweet deceit
Unfolds as misery

TM DiSarro

©2020 TM DiSarro / MindScapes Publishing

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