You bridge this distance with a smile
And bless me as I sneeze
Say I love you sweetly while
I cough into my sleeve

Tuck me into fields of white
with flowers for my head
Hold my hand into the night
as angels crowd my bed

Hide inside a light blue mask
as you cry behind your eyes
Light another candle as
the shadows run and hide

This field is damp with morning dew
while flowers slowly die
A candle flickers into smoke
escaping into sky

Creating clouds as gray as rain
with sheets as white as snow
And frosted tears on windowpanes
that melt with daylight’s glow

And now you place your hands on me
The distance has collapsed
The weight of all the air I breathe
is sinking through my past

The angels have not left my side
and talk in tongues of fire
They say it’s time to fly away
to what my soul desires

The ceiling disappears to black
The sky becomes as ground
I teether on a ledge of sorts
and listen to the sound

You take me by my hand and say
“It’s not yet time to leave”
and with a kiss of life you give me
something to believe

The angels fly away to save
my place by Heaven’s gate
and once again release me to
the consequence of fate

We stand beside the ocean
several years beyond that day
Cherishing the time we share
before it slips away

For everything is passing
like the sun crosses the sky
And time is wasted asking
when the answers are all why

It’s only through our letting go
that we are finally free
A mystery we’ll never know
but truth that’s plain to see

TM DiSarro

©2020 TM DiSarro / MindScapes Publishing

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