Walking through the exit door
I met the most amazing girl
Swore I’d seen her face before
Poster child for the world

I asked her, “Didn’t I know you when?”
Thinking that sounds like a line
She said, “No need to worry friend,”
I get that question all the time

I asked her, “Where do you come from?”
She said, “I really do not know.”
Then said, “I like to travel and
It seems I’m always on the road.”

She looked just like a runaway,
A face found on a Walmart wall.
Was she a missing person now?
So strange the facts as I recall.

She said, “Don’t you remember jack?
You used to know me
way back when,”
Then smiled and winked repeating back
My own words to me once again.

She said, “The present blurs the future
when we’re dwelling in the past,”
Then softly spoke as if a joke,
remembering what she said last…

“My face was on a milk box
for about nine thousand hours.”
It’s funny how words make us sick
when conversation sours.

The face I see is her’s I’m sure
but something’s just not right,
It could be clouds inside my mind
or just a trick of light.

She said, “I lived in London Town
but it was cold and damp,
Then made my way back to the states
upon a postage stamp.”

I said, “I thought I saw you
on reality TV?”
She said, “You are mistaken friend,
I deal in fantasies.”

She spent years on a billboard
on a highway in my mind,
A picture locked in time.

I met the most amazing girl
was somewhere in my dreams,
Walking through my memory
at least that’s how it seems.

She always shows up in my brain
an image I replay,
just long enough to cause me pain
and then she runs away

TM DiSarro
©2020 TM DiSarro / MindScapes Publishing

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