Placing all your trust
Inside a daydream
Something more or less
the same as me
right around the corner
Forced upon you by
the powers that be
Take the hand
that feeds your face
and bite it
Breaking bonds
while following so blind
Make a move or leave
the path your riding
Manifest the truth
you hope to find
Catch a kiss in midair
as she’s winking
say I do and then
you seal your fate
Nothing left for wondering
or thinking
Saving wishes
For a later date
Putting all your faith
into a nightmare
Blind to every lie
that binds your soul
Listlessly you wander
through this lifetime
So regretful now
that you are old
Listen to the wisdom
of the moment
Sometimes caged birds
have to fly away
Save the time that’s sifting
through your fingers
Step into the hope
of a new day
Whispers amplify
your bad intentions
Fast as arrows fly
to hit their mark
Pierced and broken
by the words you’re shooting
Leaving what is true
for what is not
Bye and bye we lose
our sense of wonder
Taken in the smallest
of degrees
Nothing is as free
as time you’re wasting
Cannot live the words
prayed on your knees

TM DiSarro

©2020 TM DiSarro / MindScapes Publishing

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