I will share with you a secret
As it once was shared with me
Of a vision of completion
That is veiled in ecstasy

Where our mysteries equal pleasure
And our silence brings us joy
Precious moments we once treasured
And the bonds we have destroyed

Like the crumbs of indecision
Feed a melancholy mind
I perform for your derision
In a theatre for the blind

Not so sure why I just said that
It’s a self-indulgent turn
We just love to play with matches
As our curiosity burns

This is not the way it sounds
Not by any stretch at all
It is just a play on words
Some of which I can’t recall

Let’s go back to the beginning
It’s a secret to be sure
Just some words for you to cling to
And a poem you must endure

Like a cat comes on your shoulder
With a mouse inside her mouth
You can never tell she has it
Until she finally spits it out

Or she maybe swallows down
Like destroying secret sin
But it’s never really gone
As it lingers deep within

So I’ve drifted off the course
Without telling you a thing
Put the cart before the horse
Running circles around your rings

Moving back to the beginning
To the thing, you want to hear
It’s obscurity at best
Some new tingling for your ears

Just a secret little something
That you now want me to share
Waiting patiently for pastry
Powdered sugar in your hair

There I go again with nonsense
From the left side of my brain
You must think it total pretense
Or just borderline insane

It’s a secret yes that’s true
And the truth should set us free
But it’s hard to walk a fine line
When you suffer A.D.D.

But that’s neither here nor there
For I’m speaking from the page
Trying very hard to share
What I keep inside a cage

I will share with you a secret
Yes the words are on the way
But I’ll have to get back to you
For the time has slipped away

TM DiSarro

©2020 TM DiSarro / MindScapes Publishing

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