Your necklace sparkles
As a dream
Silver-plated Daisy
Perfect for your name
“I Love it!” you said
And yes you wear it well
So easy to love a thing
A place or smell
Hard to tell
Inanimate affections
Saint Laurent
Alexander McQueen
Name brand nonsense
Things to fade
To break and fray
Life we waste
Or chase away

Some things I like
This is true
But people yes I love
My family always fighting
My daughter unconditionally
And so it goes
We felt the same
Trust is given as recieved
Lives invented as believed
You sent me a photo
Several to be sure
Frosted highlights
Pouty smile
Eyes piercing
Longing for time
Never arriving
Plans materializing

You sent your voice
Several times for sure
My name on your lips
As messages left
As wishes you sent
Time you wasted
Energy spent
Voices in my head
As blessings
As curses
As fire and light
Joy and pain
Invitations to a dream
You wanted me to share
And so it went
Knot the same

Biting my tongue
Or with you my fingers
Conversation lingers
On a wind of angel’s breath
Comparing scars
Or secrets in jars
Losses we replace
With stories we erase
Books and poets read
Yet what was or wasn’t said
You heard it as no
But just the opposite was true
You see fear steals
The sense to feel
Creates confusion as we kneel
Praying for decision
My fall was caught
With time as straw I stole
As gold was spun
Silence makes it easy to run
From you
From myself
Hiding in plain sight
Leaving you with a thought
Carelessly planted in your head
As a black spot
On an open

Falling happens unexpectedly
This I wanted to resist
Stand my ground without a sound
But the past makes it difficult
As does the future
As does the present
Excuse becomes abuse
One slap to another
Finding reasons not to follow
Down the rabbit hole
Always searching for trouble
We eventually find
Sadly it was easier
To give you control
To become the ghost
Who now haunts
My regrets

TM DiSarro

©2020 TM DiSarro / MindScapes Publishing

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