As if a dream made real
You come in mystic futures
Walking beside my imagination
In tongues only we understand
Dancing on sands of sweet delight
Embraced as lovers as waves
Breaking crests of breaths
To rhythms pulsing
Creating singular streams
Of consciousness

Above us white birds call
Down to itching ears
Under a blood orange sun
Melting into twilight
Or is it rising as a goddess
Phoenix of the morning
As we kiss beneath
A countenance
Of cobalt blue
Interspersed with misty clouds
Divinely fly as summer magic
As souls glide over oceans
Turquoise wonder
Salt on skin

Speaking only with her eyes
Grey-green anticipation
Mouth slyly smirking
Watching lips form syllables
Loving pearl sentences
Sand castle paragraphs
Washing into forever
Brown hair skiming neckline
Pixie looks beam
In fairy land beauty
Paper landscapes she unfolds
Freely with her mouth
Repeating lines of poetic blossoms
From gardens of fragrant memories
Psalms of imaginations
Words inspired by longings

Hands touch as healing
As voices penetrate
Minds, hearts, souls
Deepest affections
Fathomless intentions
Her words a current of calm
My words creating ripples
Down her spine
Our lips drawn together
As moons to tides
We kiss again and once more
Words become divine silence
Revealing secret knowledge
As spirits once again soaring
Feet sinking into the shore
Safe inside the sun’s blessing
Holding each other’s face
A beautifully orchestrated moment
In the magnificence of time
Standing still

Her voice plays in my mind
As a melody
Lovely words consume me
Then reduce me
To the sum of all my longings
Poetry in every sense
Made manifest
Flying above us as promises
Poems stripped of metaphors
Revealing their true nature
As a singular heartbeat shared
The sweet sincerity wanting souls
Our thoughts float between us
As solemn prayers soon to be answered
Swallowed by heaven
Saved from ourselves
At last

TM DiSarro

©2020 TM DiSarro / MindScapes Publishing

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