His days are remembered
As clouds full of wind
With points of confusion
As cushions for pins
And lies laced with beauty
As tattoo’s for skin
To map out the length
Of his years

Mistakes are relinquished
To fairytale lines
With sharpened word chisels
To carve out his mind
Replacing his thoughts
With a vacuum of time
Exchanging his laughter for tears

And when he grows older
He’s sent off to school
To learn what to think
From a coven of fools
Breaking him down
So he follows their rules
For good boys must do as they’re told

He drifts in and out
Of the whom he should be
Creating in secret so no one can see
For thinking is not for
The ones who are free
But those who fit into a mold

The weight of the world
From the words he’s been taught
Tell stories so different
From the ones that he bought
Replacing his sweet dreams
With collective thought
So all kids are acting the same

Never talk back when
They say who to follow
You’l hate this one now
And then that one tomorrow
Keep up your grades
For the money you borrowed
There’s always another to blame

So he drinks from a cup
Of the Koolaid they give
They send him to work
And he’s shown how to live
Trained as a lemming
to jump off a cliff
Whenever the timing is right

All of his chances are given away
Saving his money for toys that he craves
Nothing from nothing
Leaves nothing they say
As shadows will scatter from light

And now he’s a man
With the mind of a child
Watching fake news
As he’s following styles
Hating whoever they say
All the while
Cutting realities ties

He has a nice home
With a dog, son, and wife
Living his days
On the edge of a knife
Thinking there has to be
More to this life
Telling his son the same lies

TM DiSarro

©2020 TM DiSarro / MindScapes Publishing

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