Love letters to the moon
Desperate words folded
Into paper airplanes
Carried aloft on wishful thoughts
Slowly crash with big intentions
Emotional time warps
Lost in space
Words in transit on the way
Judged for everything I say
Life in replay
Life in replay
Slipstream dreams will fold then fade
Words of wisdom mix with wind
Blown into a waste of time
Not so wise the where I’ve been
Void of weight and so deflated
Heaven’s lost in fleeting moments
Lost inside the plans we make
Reaching for the stars is useless
Reaching for the phone is pointless
Cannot find a voice to speak with
So much easier to write you
Folded thoughts
Break the barriers of sound
Earth bound letters
Paper airplanes
So relieved they hit the ground
Desperate words sent in vain
Knowing they will not arrive
For distance is too great a span
No matter if you’re here nor there
The law of gravity demands
You can’t hold moonbeams
In your hands
Within the sanctity of space
A vacuum for my thoughts to hide
A sanctuary for my pride
Like watching paper airplanes glide
Falling swiftly to the earth
Words of love just flying blind
Nothing on this earth defines
Thoughts escape the starstruck mind
Like whimsical inventions
Arms are folded insecure
Origami straight jacket
What is true I can’t be sure
Memories I can’t endure
Crash so fast with big intentions
Cannot speak the things I feel
Something true might be revealed
Folded like my paper dreams
Closed mouth silent
Lost somewhere in blackest space
Words of love we can’t erase
Gentle breezes through your hair
All we love is food for fears
Cotton candy clouds for ears
Moments that you can’t replace
Written on a paper face
Like sending letters to the moon
Folded into my despair
Gently gliding back to earth
Crashing with big intentions

TM DiSarro

©2020 TM DiSarro / MindScapes Publishing

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