Dark eyes twisting outside in
Burning hunger by the hour
Roaring devil under skin
Seeking whom he may devour

Guiding with a flick of wrists
Craving salivates her tongue
Ask for what you now insists
Inhibitions come undone

Bind me to your words as chains
Sentences upon the page
Tears create such lovely stains
Free us from this human cage

Mischief fills the space we keep
This is how the mind is lost
Fantasies and restless sleep
Counting sheep as par for course

Dreams are food for flying fools
Leave restraints so far behind
Using darker things as tools
Building castles in the mind

Mastering the speed of light
Captured by a spark we flame
Justifying wrong or right
Stuttering your lover’s name

Take me to the edge and back
Just a part you play so well
Crazy for the lust we lack
Syllables inside a spell

Dressed to kill you die inside
Screaming on a velvet stage
Born once more into the night
Flying from this human cage

TM Disarro

©2020 TM DiSarro / MindScapes Publishing

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